Fluffy pancakes

Fluffy pancakes

Would you like to try some pancakes with a fluffy consistency? If the answer is yes, then try this recipe out. You can use any type of flour you like and you can eat these fluffy pancakes with some seasonal fruits, creams and jams but also with bacon, cream cheese and any other savoury food you may like.

Ingredients for 4 pieces

  • 2 eggs
  • 35 gr flour
  • 25 gr milk
  • 25 gr sugar
  • 2 gr baking powder
  • Oil or butter


  1. The first step is to separate the egg yolk from the white part and place them into two different bowls. Now, put the egg white in the fridge for 10/15 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, together with the egg yolk add the milk and mix it with a whisk. For this step you can use either a manual or an electrical whisk Image 1.
  3. After the ingredients are blended together, add the flour and mix again.
  4. Then include the baking powder and further mix together Image 2.
  5. Now it’s time to remove the egg white from the fridge and beat them. While beating the egg white, you should add the sugar a bit at the time while keep whisking the eggs. You should continue until it reaches a foamy consistency without any residual liquid egg white. For this step the use an electric whisk is suggested, because it will be easier and less time consuming Image 3.
  6. Once you have the foamy mixture, you can incorporate this in the other bowl where you previously mixed the other ingredients. During this step make sure to be delicate and use a spatula or a table spoon, because you should try to keep the egg white foamy Image 4 and 5.
  7. Once the two mixtures are well blended together, you can start warming up a pan. You can put either some oil or butter at the bottom of the pan so that the pancakes will not stick to it.
  8. When the pan is warm, place one table spoon of mixture per pancake in the pan cook 2 minutes at low heat while covering them with a lid Image 6.
  9. After 2 minutes place another table spoon of mixture on top of the one inside the pan which is already cooking. Let it cook for another 4 minutes and then flip the pancakes. Let it cook for few more minutes with the lid on top and then your pancakes are ready to be served with jams, nut creams or maple syrup Image 7.



  • For this recipe, I used rice flour instead of white flour. You can substitute it with other type of flours too.


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Published on 06 March 2022