Lactose free Italian Gelato

A base recipe for multiple gelato flavours

During one of my trips to Italy, I bought a gelato (ice-cream) machine at the supermarket. Despite having it for few weeks, I used it many times already. It is not a high brand machine and it does not have a cooling system of its own. You need to put in the freezer one part of the machine where the ingredients of the gelato will be mixed and cooled down. I started exploring many different gelato flavours. Here is the base recipe I used.


  • 250 ml soy cream (substitutable with lactose free cream)
  • 250 ml of soy milk (substitutable with lactose free milk or other vegan milks)
  • 50 gr sugar
  • Toppings (chocolate chips, hazelnut pieces)

I used soya milk, soya cream and chocolate chips to make Stracciatella flavour.


  1. Start by pouring the cream, milk and the sugar in a mixer blend them together for a couple of minutes.
  2. Start your gelato machine and let it run a few minutes based on the machine instructions.
  3. Add the mixture in the machine and let run for 15 min based on machine instructions.
  4. Add the chocolate chips or other toppings and let the gelato machine work for another 5 min.
  5. Pour out the gelato in a container suitable for the freezer and let it cool down for at least 4 hours before serving it.


Another types of gelato flavours I made were with

  • Lactose free hazelnut: lactose free cream, hazelnut milk and hazelnut chips.
  • Coconut Stracciatella: Coconut cream, coconut milk and chocolate chips

Main tools needed for the preparation:

  • Blender/mixer
  • Gelato Machine


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Published on 12 June 2024